What's the appeal?

Loneliness is the bane of big cities. The more people around, the less communication there is. And there is a feeling that it is bad because there is no one to communicate with, and crowds of people who lack communication come up with different ways to organize it at all costs - no matter what for or about what. The main thing is not to be alone.

Or it seems that all this happens because of our inability to communicate: we have to learn how to communicate and the same crowds queue up for communication training. And when a person is still inside four walls, he tries to play music or play https://www.slotozilla.com/casino-bonuses to drown out the silence, to fill the emptiness... An almost addictive dependence on communication with others arises - no matter how loud it sounds - just to keep it going...

Through inner dialogue we develop, expand our understanding and form a complex picture of the world

But who says that loneliness is always bad? On the contrary, all great people - spiritual teachers, writers and artists, scientists, military leaders - have valued solitude as a vital resource for their creativity and self-development. It is worth looking at loneliness from a different perspective, to see not only what it lacks (communication with others), but also what it contains - above all, communication with oneself, an inner dialogue.

Our consciousness, as the outstanding Russian philosopher, culture and literature expert Mikhail Bakhtin has shown, is polyphonic; there are many voices in it that conduct an inner dialogue with each other, and through this inner dialogue we develop, expand our understanding, and form a complex picture of the world. Only in solitude, in pause, is this dialogue possible. It is not equally productive for everyone: many people simply do not want to listen to their inner voice, they are bored with communicating with themselves. But it is worth reflecting on: if I am not interesting with myself, if I am an undesirable interlocutor, will others be interested in me?

Interesting with a person who is not like the others, and this otherness can be provided either by unique experiences or by equally unique inner work through dialogue with oneself. Running away from it leads to an indistinguishable sameness. Much more important than communication training would be, in my opinion, solitude training.

Communicating with others and communicating with oneself is not a hindrance to each other. Learning to be alone, loving your loneliness and using it as an inner resource allows you to choose when, with whom and for what purpose to communicate, and to more easily endure periods of interruption of meaningful relationships. Communicating with others is an equally important resource and serves as a source of unique life experiences. It is worth reflecting on in the privacy of one's own home.